Going to your first legal consultation concerning a personal injury case can be intimidating, especially if you may be nervous about what to expect. Rest assured that a lawyer will go through everything you need to know about your case including whether the case is valid and your personalized legal options. It is good to know what topics to bring up beforehand so that you do not waste any time. Here are some of the things that you should make sure to address during your consultation with a lawyer. 


One of the first things that you should ask a lawyer about is qualifications. Hire a lawyer who has a strong background and whatever legal situation you are dealing with. For example, if you want to hire a personal injury lawyer, a higher one who has experienced many car accidents if you have been in a motor vehicle accident. They should be able to clearly explain details about the location such as any order to have received and distinctions.

Case Experience

Another thing that you should inquire about during a consultation is case experience. A trusted reputable lawyer should have a variety of case experience and have achieved excellent outcomes. If you have an especially complex case, you should not turn to a novice or inexperienced lawyer who is not very familiar with the legal system and the claim processes regarding your particular case situation.


You may want to talk about the types of damages you could be eligible to recover. As you can find out more about from a reputable personal injury lawyer like one at Unidos Legales, you can expect to receive both economic and non-economic damages. In unique cases, you can recover punitive damages but these are not monetary compensation. 


You can ask the lawyer about what the expected timeline will be for your personal injury case. Knowing the approximate timeline will help you be more prepared about what you need to have ready for your case. However, do not expect them to give you one that is completely set, as the timeline for a personal injury case tends to fluctuate often. You will likely not be given a more accurate timeline until more information and evidence about your case is collected.


The costs of a personal injury claim vary depending on factors such as the lawyer’s skills, years of experience and where they are located. Be sure to directly ask a lawyer about their upfront costs and any other fees that they charge. It is important to obtain this information as early as possible so that you have an accurate understanding of any costs you need to pay for legal services.

Being prepared for your legal consultation will allow you to maximize your time discussing your situation with a lawyer more efficiently. Knowing what information to provide and the right questions to ask will save you time and help you decide whether you would like to proceed with the claims process. Get more information about affordable, high-quality legal assistance by talking with a personal injury lawyer now.