Workplace accidents, like many accidents in public and commercial places, are generally caused by negligence. This negligence has a lot to do with the lack of maintenance of infrastructure, facilities, machinery, and equipment.

Below we list some of the areas that, if neglected, can cause accidents in the workplace:

Machinery and safety protection equipment. The inadequate use of machinery and safety protection equipment can lead to catastrophic accidents. The lack of protective equipment or lack of training for the operation of heavy machinery can result in personal injury or even in the wrongful death of operators or bystanders. For operators, personal protective equipment and training are extremely important, especially in the manufacturing and construction industries where there are many hazards. All personnel and visitors at a worksite must wear safety protection equipment such as reflective vests, which allows the person to be seen by others. 

Illumination. Lighting often is considered irrelevant when it comes to accidents, but in hazardous environments, lack of visibility can cause a person to fall, slip or trip leading to death.

Floors and slopes. Lack of maintenance or repair of high traffic areas and floors can cause serious accidents. Also, floors in the workplace must be free of obstacles, liquid spills, and trash that can cause accidents such as slips and falls.

Safety Marking. The lack of warning notices and signs can produce serious accidents as victims may not be fully aware of the perils of their surroundings. Signs could avoid falls and slips, electrocution, and other types of accidents. Placing highly visible signs to indicate areas of high risk can save lives.

High-Risk Activities. In any workplace, there are certain high-risk work activities where training and experience are necessary to carry out such activities safely without putting the employee’s physical integrity at risk. Generally, these high-risk activities involve carrying out work activities at a considerable height where a lifeline, harness, helmet, and above all dexterity are necessary. Other high-risk activities involve handling hazardous materials such as chemicals or flammable liquids where knowledge of the components and the risk of mixing toxic chemical compounds is essential. The employer must provide the necessary training and certifications for employees to perform these types of high-risk activities.

Mislabels. Inappropriate or lack of labeling of harmful products can lead to serious accidents. This is especially true for work environments that handle hazardous material such as labs, steel producers, plastic producers, and many other manufacturing companies. If mislabeled products are mixed with other products, this mixture could produce a toxic reaction and even cause suffocation/intoxication.

Accidents are events that in 80% of cases can and should be prevented through responsible behavior. We all have responsibilities and obligations to fulfill at home, at work, and in public and private areas. Wrongful death is a type of death that can be avoided by following appropriate procedures and standards.

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