When school’s in session, millions of children across the road. With all this activity, there’s an increased danger that you may accidentally collide with a student. Here are some tips on avoiding young pedestrians, no matter whether they are rushing to class before the first bell or chasing a ball that has rolled into the street. 

Practice School Zone Awareness

School zones are designated areas where extra caution is expected. When driving through them, remain alert and drive slower than you think necessary. School zones contain numerous reminders that vehicle operators should be vigilant. Always look out for signage that you are moving through a school zone.

Become familiar with the locations of educational institutions in your neighborhood. By doing this, you’ll be aware of nearby school zones you’re likely to come across after leaving home. Use Google Earth to pinpoint these areas and plot paths around them.

School zones can have heavy congestion. If you must drive through one, stay patient and schedule extra time for passing through.

Watch for Crosswalks

Schools have heavy amounts of foot traffic. When school days begin and end, many children are walking across the street. Sadly, crossing guards are becoming a thing of the past. Therefore, it is incumbent on you to be particularly cautious as you approach crosswalks.

Some children have a habit of suddenly dashing in front of cars. Condition yourself to drive slowly in these spots, even when you do not believe kids are present. When you encounter other vehicles, avoid stopping in the middle of walkways and blocking children’s paths.

Beware of School Buses

Naturally, school buses often drive within school zones. When you’re behind one that stops, you are required to do the same. School buses have flashing lights and retractable stop signs to remind drivers of this mandate. Never pass a bus when these indicators are in effect; doing so is illegal across America. Always yield to school buses, especially when they’re making turns.

Be mindful of bus stops, even when no bus is nearby. Waiting children may suddenly fall or jump into the street. As an adult, it is your responsibility to engage in safety protocols that prevent these scenarios from being catastrophic.

Regardless, there is still the possibility of accidentally injuring a child when passing through a school zone. After an incident happens, contact emergency services. Then, call a personal injury lawyer that can prove the accident was unavoidable. Contact Greenspan & Greenspan P.C. today to schedule a free consultation.