Accidentes Peatonales

When you are injured on the job, this can come with several frustrations such as pain from said injury, and the inability to work, which means the inability to handle your financial obligations. However, it is likely that your employer already has workers compensation insurance. Worker’s compensation insurance is used to cover damages your employer is held liable for, meaning an insurance policy that compensates workers that need assistance after being injured on the job. This coverage assists with medical bills in relation to the sustained work injury, and to recover possible lost wages. Proving an on-the-job injury is not the easiest task; its difficulty varies from job to job. However, if it can be proven that you suffered an injury in connection to your job and not caused by your own incompetence, you may be able to seek a worker’s compensation claim according to a personal injury lawyer with our friends at The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch.

For starters, the injury you claim to have suffered on the job must be caused by an act that was in fact your job, or caused by your employers negligence. In some instances, while not on company property, an injured sustained may still be your employers responsibility to cover. Such as attending an office related event. However, this does not mean attending an event with co-workers or your boss. The two instances are totally exclusive.

Worker’s compensation insurance only covers official employees, not independent contractors, or undocumented workers.

Examples of work-related injuries that are typically covered by worker’s compensation are:

  • Broken bones
  • Loss of limbs
  • Repetitive stress
  • Burning or permanent scarring
  • Tissue injury
  • Depression, stress, or anxiety

Just so long as they were caused due to work related instances, you are covered by worker’s compensation in most cases.

Because it is not always certain that the injuries suffered are in direct connection to your job, and it is an insurance adjusters job to find ways not to be found liable for an injury, being compensated by worker’s compensation insurance may take time. There are also times where your injury just may not be covered. Instead of figuring it out on your own, it is best to speak with a skilled personal injury attorney with experience with worker’s compensation cases. By doing so, you are avoiding the ability of being either taken advantage of entirely or not receiving the proper recovery for your injuries, and possible pain and suffering. Speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible, so that you or your loved one can receive the compensation they deserve.

Remember, the sooner you seek legal representation the better. A skilled attorney can ensure that everything you do will help your case from speaking to potential insurance companies to other parties that might want to negotiate with. They will be by your side and work to explain all of your options to you so that you are well informed about your case. Contact an attorney near you for help as soon as possible.