There are many types of scenarios that can lead to car accidents. Every day distracted or reckless drivers cause accidents that endanger or cause harm to innocent victims. Annually, more than approximately 38,000 lives are lost on average due to car accidents. No victim should have to go through the aftermath of an accident alone. A car accident lawyer will be able to assist you if you have suffered injuries, have damaged or lost property, reduced wages, and other consequences as a result of your car accident. Here are just a few of the top accident scenarios. 

Hit and Run

A hit and run accident is an especially frustrating car accident case. It is a terrible experience when you are left with injuries and the other driver is not there to even bother to assist you or call for help. Many drivers choose to leave because they are afraid they will get into trouble, but this is no excuse for leaving injured victims after a car accident. Leaving the scene of a car accident is illegal and drivers who commit them can face criminal charges. If you have been in a car accident where the driver struck you and fled from their vehicle, you can look to an experienced lawyer for help.

Drunk Driving

One of the most devastating severe types of car accidents are drunk driving accidents. Roughly 30% of fatal car accidents involve drunk drivers. Intoxicated drivers impact the lives of many victims, inflicting serious injuries that can result in long-term or permanent disability. They cause numerous accidents that are completely preventable. As a seasoned and highly qualified car accident lawyer like one at Unidos Legales can explain, there are many damages you can obtain from a car accident. By obtaining legal assistance from a trusted lawyer that you can count on, you can file a claim so that you can recover compensation and hold the driver responsible for your accident accountable. 

Illegal Street Racing 

Across many city streets, freeways and even neighborhoods, street racing is an increasingly common issue that jeopardizes the lives of people. It is against the law for two drivers to race each other on any street because of the high risk of an accident occurring. They can lose control of their vehicle and accidentally strike pedestrians, other vehicles, or damage property. If you have been injured because of street racing, a car accident lawyer will fight for you so that you can recover damages that you are eligible for. They will prepare a solid case so that the driver is criminally charged for their reckless actions. 

Distracted Driving 

When drivers are on the road, they have to focus on operating their vehicle safety and tuning out distractions. Common distractions include phone calls, text messages, or passengers in the backseat. Even a few seconds of inattention can cause an accident, so drivers must be cautious and vigilant. Unfortunately, many car accidents happen because of distractions all the time. 

If you have been injured in a car accident, you should explore your legal actions as soon as possible by reaching out to a qualified car accident lawyer.