Nursing Home Injury Lawyer

With nursing homes becoming more of an option for families with elderly people who require 24 hour around-the-clock care, we have unfortunately seen elder abuse go up and use facilities for various reasons. If you have a lovely dinner nursing home and you believe that they have been injured or otherwise neglected in their nursing home you should reach out to a nursing home injury lawyer such as the ones available at Davis & Brusca LLC.

By learning the signs and symptoms of nursing home abuse, you can help to prevent this from happening to your loved one again or at all.

What Is Elder Abuse and Neglect?

A nursing home facility is a facility that provides 24 hour and the clock care, typically medical care for individuals who are unable to live at home due to requiring medical care. Assisted living facilities are not a choice for these individuals because assisted living facilities do not provide 24 hour medical care but instead provide help with daily care tasks but otherwise the person is living on their own.

There are usually five major types of elder abuse that occur in nursing homes, and these forms of abuse are physical abuse, psychological abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and financial abuse.

Sadly if an elder is abused in a nursing home, it can have devastating consequences and you may not even realize they’ve been abused because they may be ashamed, they may not remember they were abused, and may be blackmailed, or they may not realize they were abused.

If you have a loved one in a nursing home that has started having nursing home injuries, reach out to a nursing home injury lawyer to assess your case and discuss if it is a case of neglect or abuse.

Signs and Symptoms of Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Facilities

There are going to be many types of different abuse associated with living in a nursing home, recognizing the signs and symptoms early can help you save your loved one from more pain and suffering and help protect them.

When it comes to physical abuse, this is something that occurs when somebody is intentionally causing somebody else pain or injury, and instances of abuse such as physical abuse in a nursing home facility include restraining without reason, slapping, kicking, shoving, shaking, burning, scraping, bruising, dislocating, bone fractures, abrasions, internal injuries and much more.

When it comes to psychological or emotional abuse, it’s going to be very hard to detect however this is going to look like humiliation, bullying, isolation, harassment, coercion, and imitation, and some signs that you may witness on your loved one is going to be depression, withdrawn actions, changes to personality, fearfulness, inhibited speech, and more.

Under abuse also looks like trouble walking or sitting, unexplained bleeding and pelvic pain, skin irritation, unexplained bruising, and the neglect of basic living needs, medical neglect as well, and then when financial exploitation comes into play it looks like people forging checks, fraudulent billings, missing professions, identity theft and more.